zaterdag 31 december 2011

a try-out

This image is a composition of 4x the same dog. I'm interested in the rythm and repetition wich does something with the image wich does not happen when it is on it's own. It increases the space around the dog and brings in a narrative element.

To be continued

vrijdag 30 december 2011

little dog

today I painted someones dog: a black retreiver.

it started off with this

In the meantime I did a study on stone

Both of the paintings are to be continued!

woensdag 28 december 2011

sad painted girl

Two stages of the sad painted girl

1 In the first stage I wanted to leave a lot of the green under paint visible. The important things like the eyes and the paint on the face I wanted to translate in oilpaint. The challenge was how to keep the face spatial with the bright coloured make-ups on it and at the same time make the make-up on the face look spatial too.

2 The painting came at the point where it was to chaotic, to much detail all over. I had to make a choice to what had the most importance. I choose the area around the eyes nose and mouth and worked towards more depth by changing the colour and the light in the back.

bp portrait award 2011

Last year I entered the competition for the BP Portrait Award 2011.
Although I did not get in to the final selection for exhibition, my painting did make it to the second round of judging. Last year there were over 2,300 entries. Approximately 300 works make it to the second round of judging and from those only 55 were selected for exhibition so the competition was very strong. I send this picture of my son

the picture of wim Heldens won first prize this year.

This year I'll enter the competition again with a painting of my other son. It is almost finished and this is a detail of the picture. When it is finished another picture will folow. The price for me is to be exhibiting the picture in the London National Portrait Gallery.

vrijdag 23 december 2011

three stages of a painting

 This Painting is done on a rough wooden  surface. First I painted the surface gold  to find out how to mix skin colour with the gold to get the right atmosfere.
1 In the first stage I wanted to leave a great part of the surface gold and just a few parts really detailed realistic.

 2  This evolved in the second stage in wich I choose to work out more of the skin to get more depth in the painting.

3 In the last stage I worked towards a change of atmosphere by changing the light in the body and bij changing the colour of the whole painting.
Is it finished? I'm not sure and I'll decide in a few days..

maandag 19 december 2011

This is a link I really loved watching

zaterdag 17 december 2011

Portrait on stone

This  portrait and 3 other works are on permanent display at Morren Galleries  section '' portraits in commission'.
Oudegracht 340 in Utrecht.

vrijdag 16 december 2011

Painting finished!

Today I delivered this canvas  and I'm glad to say the client was very happy with it.

It was a rather difficult painting to do because there's two people in it and I wanted the colour and the light to be the same in both of the faces.  Also the light was trickey because it came from the back and that means the light in the face is dim and could turn dull. And halfway trough  the painting I decided it should have some goldpaint in the background. I didn't want to do that with a brush because it would look too rigid so I decided to trow it all over the painting and  lost most of the work I'd already done.
I've been working on it for two months. Meanwhile I worked on several other paintings. The painting is done in oil on canvas and is 50 x 60 cm.

zondag 11 december 2011

A few paintings painted with oil on stone

These are a few paintings I did on stone. I just love the feel of natural stone and it inspires me to combine  the abstract skin of the stone with the realistic details of a person.
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zaterdag 10 december 2011


Hi this will be my first message on this blog. Today I made a couple of drawings Nothing special though fun to do. Tomorrow it's the day I hope to finish the portrait I have been busy with the last couple of weeks.It is made for a client. She wanted a paiting of her two beautifull grandchildren.