zaterdag 19 mei 2012

Hanneke Naterop on the Behance Network

Hanneke Naterop on the Behance Network
This is a great place to see all projects I did recently and to see art of other creatives.
Please check it out!

dinsdag 15 mei 2012

New portrait in progress on abstract background

This is a portrait on one of the abstract backgrounds I showed earlier in my blog. 30 x 60 cm.
This is the proces so far..

zondag 6 mei 2012

Abstracts and realism

At the moment I am creating abstract atmospheres to work in with realistic forms. The first picture is one with a bird in it. Not finished.. 30 x 30 cm oils on stone.

The last two pictures are still abstract. 30 x 80 cm. Oils on Stone                                                                                                                                                     

 50 x 60 cm oils on wood. 

donderdag 3 mei 2012

A litle bit of progress