zondag 3 april 2016

 Some of the projects I recently did

 'Contemplation' 34 x 15 cm. For Gralles Experience 2016  with Juan Jesus Espina.

A family portrait

For Nationaal Museon 7 x 7 cm. http://amusesmouseion.wix.com/amuses-mouseion

Painting inspired by Photographer  Ilia Panayotov

 At the moment I am working on a joint artwork with great Abstract Painter Alfredo Avagliano . His part of the painting arrived from Italy a few days ago. Together we create this for Human Rights? # DIVERSITY. An initiative by Roberto Ronca III. I want to participate because I think merging our cultural diversity in this artwork will get me to look over the fence and stimulate me to use different colours and new ideas and at the same time be myself. (or I could mess it up) I wish for the world to be more like this.. respect and learn from other cultures and use the differens to create something beautiful.

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