zaterdag 7 april 2012

portrait in commission

Today I worked on a portrait in commission. The person is drawn and painted from a picture I did not take myself because the lady lives in Germany. This is a little harder than when I can choose myself what light and expression I work with. Still I very much enjoy making her visible on the canvas.

This is the same portrait a little further. I like to work on more than 1 project at the time. Today I worked on the light in this portrait and started with a new painting.



5 opmerkingen:

  1. wow! please explain the canvas. i love the style.

  2. I like to work on a surface wich corresponds with the portrait I'm painting on it. The atmosphere needs to be right.For this lady I needed something dark so I painted a few backgrounds with brown and blue but thought it to be boring and dull so did experiments with gold and silverpaint to make the atmosphere much lighter like the lady is. This I did with terpentine and melallic powder. I just threw it on the wet canvas and it looked like this :)

  3. Wow daar gaat iets moois komen!!!

  4. it reminds me of like a fallout kind of pic..i love this so much...please keep us updated.